What Is Lead Generation: Everything You Need to Know

what is lead generation

85% of B2B marketers believe that lead generation is a vital content marketing goal.

You have probably heard marketers talk of lead generation and wondered, “What is lead generation?” And “how can it help my business?”

The concept is quite simple. A lead is any person who shows interest in your business products or services. Lead generation is the process of converting those people to potential customers. 

After all, they will remain strangers to your business if you don’t attract them and show them that you need them. 

This article will educate you more on lead generation and the profit-building strategies you can use to boost your lead generation process. Keep reading!

Importance of Lead Generation

Brand awareness is the main benefit of lead generation. When you approach strangers, you educate them on your business, which creates more understanding of your business. Here are other benefits of lead generations to marketers:

  • It helps businesses to collect significant prospects about potential clients
  • It is cheaper than other methods of digital marketing
  • It increases sales and profits, mainly if you manage to convert many leads
  • It increases your social media following, thus, improves your brand image and reputation

Understanding the importance of lead generation will help you decide on whether you should choose it or not. The knowledge can also help you decide on the best channels to use. 

Best Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is incredibly useful to modern businesses. It creates more pipelines for sales and brings forth many benefits discussed above. But how can you build it? Here are effective strategies that you should use. Read through them to choose the best for your business.

Write Gated Content

Gated is another name for protected. Online users cannot view the protected content unless they fill in a form or unlock something. The protection keeps off online jokers and only allows the serious leads only. 

Examples of gated content include reports, whitepapers, eBooks, online courses, and so on. You can outsource lead generation experts to help in the gated content strategy.

Host Events

You can host both online and offline events. Through the events, you can interact with your potential clients and know more about each other. 

You can learn more about the audience by asking questions, answering their questions, and discussing essential concepts. You may also collect their contacts and personal details through the registration forms.

Examples of events include webinars, conferences, meetings, and workshops.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a leading digital marketing platform. 

For more b2b lead generations, you should keep the account active by posting more often and providing comprehensive information regarding your business products. Also, you should reply to your users’ comments and review your content often.

If you don’t have time to manage social media accounts, then a social media manager can provide handy help.

Offer Discounts

You can offer discounts and coupons to attract your leads. When you reduce the regular prices, the people who have always been interested in buying your products will be interested, and you will get a chance to interact with them.

This strategy can help you get both long and short term clients who are useful to your business. Just make sure that discounts are not too low to avoid losses.

Offer Free Trials

Free trials can also help you convert leads to potential clients. The leads may be interested in getting your goods or services, but they are afraid because they have not tested them.

With free trials, they can finally test what you offer so that they can decide on whether they will become your partners or not.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Is your website responsive? If no, you are probably missing a lot. Billions of people now have smartphones, and you can only reach them if your website is mobile-friendly.

The responsive website will help you create more awareness of all the leads using mobile devices. A great web designer can help you with creating a mobile-friendly website.

Include CTA

Your content might not convert many leads if it does not have CTA. Even if it’s informative, you will still experience low conversions rates. To avoid this, you should include your contacts and other CTAs on your landing pages and content.

The CTA should be convincing enough to catch the attention of online users. It should also be visible for quick navigation.

Offer Incredible Customer Service

The last important strategy is to offer excellent customer service. If you handle your current customers well, they will spread word of mouth to other people, which means you will enjoy more leads.

Remember that word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing methods, even in today’s digital world. So handle your clients well, learn to say thank you, create a great impression, and apologize when you’re wrong.

Most importantly, reward the clients who bring in more leads to your business.

Lead Generation Tools

Now that you know how to generate leads, it’s also vital that you learn about the lead generation tools.

There are multiple tools out there that can help you attain your lead generation goals. Lead generation software is one of those tools. It collects information from your leads and sends it to your business for follow-ups.

The right software can help you generate more leads, get better leads, and manage the leads faster. Note that there are many tools, and you should review them to choose the best.

What Is Lead Generation? Keep up With the Trends

Hopefully, you now have a better answer to “What is lead generation.” However, digital marketing is rapidly changing. The tactics that worked for you yesterday might not be effective tomorrow. For this reason, you should keep up with the lead generation trends. 

For instance, you should adopt video marketing, voice search, and other things that help your lead generation strategies remain relevant. You can also consult a digital marketing expert to teach you more about the trends.

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