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Infinity global ltd

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We sell best quality of gold bars and gold nuggets

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Infinity Global is one the East Africa Largest Gold Refinery & Exporter based in Nairobi Kenya. We specializes in gold refining, Smelting, Assaying, Gold minting and gold separation. We export gold to UAE, USA, UK, Germany & Italy.World wide

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We are Mining and purchasing Rough Gold in several localities in Western and Eastern Africa. Gold is purchased in several forms as sand, dust, nugget, bars and ingots. The purchases are always made upon full consignment, smelting and quality specification using fire Assay, Cupellation, specific gravity determination and Digital XRF Scanner.

Whenever the Gold is purchased, we do the basic treatment for purity up to the actual location to deliver to our Refinery the highest possible quality. The sampling and testing is provided by MM laboratories management. We are now a couple of months using Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE as the final destination for rough metals deliveries and refining processes made there is to all parties involved in trading satisfaction.

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