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David Allen Capital

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I represent DAC, David Allen Capital and if your business is ever in a bind or a pinch I can help you with David Allen Capital!!

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Mom &Pop Restaurants, Trucking/Transportation, Daycare, Furniture Stores, Kitchen Facilities, Dental Implants, Healthcare, Auto Detail Shops, Construction Companies, Patio/Deck, Weightloss Ctrs, Home Improvement, Event Planners, Oral Surgery, Chiropractors, Jewelrys, Patio furniture/Grill, Contractors, hair/nail salons, and a lot more!!!!

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Hello Business Owners,

I represent DAC, David Allen Capital and although we do funding $3k-$2m, our usual short-term funded amt. We also offer other types of funding like micro-funding, Consumer Financing, Same Day Funding at Bank Breezy, Revolving Line-Of-Credit and Side-Gig Funding and coming to you as of June 1, 2022 for Business Owners to offer to their employees, and Entrepreneurs is a Pay-Any-Day Visa Debit Card with DAC branding from Rellevate Digital (Money When You Need It, and No Deposit Needed) We also offer the same working capital for equipment you need to buy for your business to thrive and survive, and payment processing like EDGE, Uzeli, and Applova, non-cash discount processing services! So you can save a massive amount of money using EDGE, Uzeli, and Applova So if you like a price comparison go to my website and see how much money you can save with EDGE, Uzeli, or Applova. As you already know that the EDGE Payment Processor will save you 95% off or more on your Processing fees, and Uzeli is for Salons and Spas (barbershops) and also has amazing features like Automated Marketing, Loyalty Program, Appointment Booking, Referral Program, Self Check-in kiosk, Products and Inventory, and a lot more! The Applova is for Restaurants and also has amazing features like What’s presented on my alignable profile:

Applova From DAC Payment Processing

Both will help you maintain social distancing and economic growth while maintaining COVID-19 for yourself, your employees, and your customers while wearing masks.

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Other / Not Listed

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(216) 659-4462

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Cleveland, OH

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